The LARGEST  boutique of Acadian cultural products!

CD’s• DVD’s • Books • Acadian posters and paintings• flags• local products

Here at the monument Lefebvre we are very proud to promote Acadian culture all year long. We are the largest store that sells Acadian products from classics like La Sagouine, Evangeline or 1755 to the most modern ones like Pascal Lejeune, Radio Radio and Lisa LeBlanc, we have them all!

  • More than 700 CD’s of Acadian and Cajun artists
  • Great selection of DVD’s (documentaries, music, cinema, La sagouine, and more)
  • Novels, biographies, cookbooks, children’s book, poetry, history books and genealogy books
  • Educational posters (Acadian odyssey, Acadian family names, etc.)
  • Landscape painting and portraits by Claire Chevarie et more artists
  • Souvenirs in Acadian colors: flutes, whistles, rattles, t-shirts, car plates, mousepads, bracelets, aprons, hats and a lot more!

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Big Sale! 🌟🔵🔴 At the Monumkent-Lefebvre boutique
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